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“The Cabbage Craze of the 1630s: A Forgotten Financial Bubble?

The cabbage craze was a financial bubble that took place in the Dutch Republic during the tulip mania of the 1630s. The demand for cabbages in the Dutch Republic began to surge in the 1630s, driven by a variety of factors, including a trend towards healthier eating and the popularity of cabbage-based dishes. As the demand for cabbages outstripped the supply, cabbage prices rose, leading to a rush of speculation in the cabbage market. However, the cabbage bubble eventually came to an end, with some accounts suggesting that it burst in the summer of 1637 due to a sudden glut of cabbages and others pointing to the impact of the tulip mania crash. The collapse of the cabbage bubble had far-reaching consequences, with many investors losing their savings and the economic disruption caused by the bubble having a lasting impact on the Dutch economy.

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Mansa Musa: The Giga Chad of the Millennium

Mansa Musa is remembered as an extremely wealthy and influential ruler, whose wealth and power were unmatched in his time. He inherited his wealth and power from his predecessor, Sundiata Keita, and expanded the Mali Empire through conquests and control of trade routes. Musa is also credited with fostering a golden age of intellectual and artistic achievement in the Mali Empire, as he was a patron of scholars and artists and brought many intellectuals from other parts of the world to his court. In addition to his wealth and political power, Musa was known for his generosity, as he spent vast sums of money on public works and religious institutions.

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