I know. It’s seems hard. It might even seem wonky to you. But wonky is as wonky does. Unlock your inner GOD MODE and join the strange but wonderful world of the XCP DEX. This guide will tell you everything you ned to know in order to get up running.

First. Let’s assume you have some BTC in your freewallet. You will need a minimum for TX generally in freewallet. I don’t THINK you need XCP. But why not have both?

Open your freewallet. you will see this.

Click it. you will see this.(yours will look slightly different).

There are a list of different DEX markets here. Important to note MARKETS are orders that have been opened. So unfilled orders are not on the list (But it’s a start).

You can use the more tab to find extra markets. Yours will look different but as you get deeper you will end up having need for these.. Maybe. 🙂

You can add your own market. Although you can only have so many. For this example we shall focus and DANKROSECASH

This way you can keep track of emerging market info.


Find the pair you want and type it in CAPITALS in the window to the top right as below. for example DANKROSECASH/STILLBOSHI

After you hit enter a new window will populate.

(If you find the pair on the market window you can just click it. You only need to enter it to find specific orders. I’ll come to that shortly.)

Honestly, and ironically. I’m not even the best. I’m just here to share what i see. It says no trades found. But i THINK it means xcp. either way you will see sell and buy orders and you can make purchases.

If you are getting a bit stuck. this reverse button is quite handy. especially making orders.

A good idea is to try and make your own order on the DEX.

Make Pairs like Michael Naples.

To make a NEW pair.. just type any pair you want into the dex window.. for example DANKROSECASH/FAKEASF and if there is not a market. you can easily and instantly open a new one. Or if you think you want to offer a different price, you can do that also. It’s actually really quite cool.

Bascially play around. Gas is cheaper which is dope. And its just one more layer of tomfoolery. the reason i’m sure most of us are here.


After a short time you will wanna find the newest hottest orders as they come in. Here’s how you go PRO.. ish

If you find the asset you are interested in, you can simply find that asset on xchain, and then click on the orders section. the ones that are NOT red are the markets still open but not yet on the market! (find potential bargains, or indeed ripoffs.. here). DYOR.

Of course you can take this approach to the homepage and view by Markets or orders by the latest issuance. (also a cool way to see things).

Yes it is a bit mind boggling, and yes more tooling would be cool and is surely under development. The bit that makes it special is all of this.. kek. and mostly its just fun, It would be nice thought to play with monopoly money a bit more imho.

The RoseCASH Gold Rush.

For my part I created DANKROSECASH as a mechanism for new users to come to terms with the DEX and get to play with FUNNY MONEY while still picking up dank art, and receiving an education about the original grails of RAREPEPE at the same time.

Obviously i’m also encouraging dex use, adding your own tokens and getting your hands dirty.

People like to talk a lot about gatekeeping and such in the crypto community, but the truth is. 99% of people are gatekeeping themselves. Maybe they don’t realise. I get it, i didn’t realise once too. Heck, i still don’t. But at least we can now all not understand together.

In short make art, list it for DANKROSECASH on the DEX, invoke God-mode to yourself and mostly. or buy some DANKROSECASH with something else.

If you need some. Small amounts are on dispensers. But just join our community. We would love to see you. We can always work something out. Once you had BOSHI you never go back.

POP in and say hi and